Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank

Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank
Location Map and Service Area

Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank Project Location and Service Area
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Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank is located north of Panama City Beach within the West Bay portion of St. Andrews Bay in Bay County, Florida. The bank site is approximately 5,031 acres and is within the St. Andrews Bay Drainage Basin. The bank site is surrounded by an additional 2,500 acres of conservation lands along the West Bay shoreline.

BPMB's unique location allows a multitude of habitat types. The shoreward edge of the bank site consists of extensive salt marshes, tidal flats and pine islands. Inland, the bank site consists of hydric and mesic pine flatwoods, cypress flats, mixed forested wetlands, and palustrine marsh.


Much of the BPMB site was historically used for silviculture. The bank site was planted in slash pine for timber production. This included a beds and furrows that restricted the hydrology onsite and over time have produced distinctly different plant communities on top of the furrows and in the beds.

The restoration and enhancement plan for Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank include activities that will preserve, enhance, and maintain the bank site. 1.) Inappropriate vegetation will be removed, 2.) Timber operations will be discontinued, 3.) Hydrology will be improved by installing ditch blocks, low-water crossings, and culverts, and 4.) Interim and long-term restoration management plans will be implemented including prescribed burns.

Wet prairie/wet flatwoods, cypress/mixed forested, and coastal flatwoods credits are available to offset impacts in portions of St. Andrews Bay Drainage Basin.