Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank

Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank
Location Map and Service Area

Lake Louisa MB Project Location and Service Area
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Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank is located in the northern portion of Polk County, Florida. The bank site is approximately 818.8 acres and is regionally significant as demonstrated by its highest level of importance assigned by the 2007 Florida Forever List as a Group A acquisition site. The Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank serves as a regionally significant headwater and tributary flow link to the Green Swamp portion of the Ocklawaha River, as well as an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW).

This project site was selected due to its location, size, and previous ecological impacts as a result of hydrologic alterations and agricultural activities. Significant habitat within the project site is suitable for and contains Sandhill Crane and Wood Stork as well as an extensive wading bird population.


Through enhanced preservation, existing habitat communities within the Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank site will be improved to historic/native characteristics. Through the removal of cattle, eradication of invasive exotic/nuisance vegetation, and the establishment of a prescribed fire management program, target native habitat areas will provide wildlife and water quality benefits from the program's inception. As a result of the enhanced preservation plan, the unique urban oasis environment of the Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank can be fully realized.

*The service area includes the Palatlakaha River Nested, Southern Ocklawaha River and Ocklawaha River Basins.