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Choctawatchee River & St. Andrews Bay Basin

Permitted by FDEP & USACOE

Forested & Herbaceous Credits Available

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Devils Swamp Mitigation Bank is located north the Intracoastal Waterway and 5 miles east of Choctawhatchee Bay in Bay and Walton Counties, Florida. The bank site is approximately 3,049 acres and is on the line between the St. Andrews Bay Drainage Basin and Choctawhatchee Bay Basin.


Devils Swamp restoration and enhancement plan will include the following activities:

  1. Reduce woody shrubs and planted pine density;
  2. Decrease bedding impacts caused by historic silviculture activities;
  3. Implement intensive restoration and management prescribed burn plan;
  4. Install low-water crossings;
  5. Exotic and nuisance vegetation control; and
  6. Supplemental planting.

These restoration activities will restore, enhance, and preserve sandhill, mesic flatwoods, bog, dome swamp, wet prairie, and seepage stream habitats.

Wet prairie/wet flatwoods and cypress/mixed forested credits are available to offset impacts in portions of St. Andrews Bay Drainage Basin and Choctawhatchee River and Bay Drainage Basin.


Audubon of Florida is pleased to count Mitigation Marketing as one of our partners in conservation in Florida. We have found Mitigation Marketing to be a true innovator in the mitigation industry. Dennis Benbow and his staff are pioneering important efforts in both the Wetlands and Conservation banking fields. Mitigation Marketing is demonstrating that carefully thought out Wetlands and Conservation mitigation banks can be an important factor in the effort to conserve and restore many thousands of acres of what is best in Florida’s wildlife habitats and natural resources.

Charles Lee
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