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Reedy Creek Drainage Basin

Permitted by SFWMD & USACOE

State: UMAM, Federal: UMAM

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Southport Ranch Mitigation Bank is located in the south-central portion of Osceola County, Florida. The 3,280 acre bank has a service area that encompasses portions of Orange, Osceola, and Polk Counties. The project site includes an extensive variety of habitat communities that are of regional significance, with its location adjacent to South Florida Water Management District lands, Disney Wilderness Preserve, Reedy Creek Swamp, and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. In addition, the majority of the site provides vital hydrologic recharge functions for the Florida Aquifer, Reedy Creek Swamp, and Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Significant habitat within the project site is suitable for: the Florida black bear, crested caracara, bald eagle, red-cockaded woodpecker, Florida sandhill crane, and wood stork, as well as an extensive wading bird population, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and other various mammals and reptiles. In addition, enhancement of the upland areas will provide habitat suitable for the gopher tortoise.


A detailed construction, phasing, implementation, and monitoring plan has been developed to establish baseline conditions as well as record and report monitoring conditions that would establish project success for an array of habitat communities occurring within the site. The primary components for implementation of the SPMB site will include four (4) major activities:

  1. Conservation easement recordation for each phase;
  2. Hydrologic enhancement through ditch-blocks and constructing low water crossings, thereby re-establishing direct hydrologic connection within wetland systems both on-site and off-site;
  3. Enhancement of vegetation within areas utilized for pastureland activities and sod farming; and
  4. Implementation of a native/historic prescribed fire program. These activities are proposed to occur within two (2) distinct phases of implementation.

As a result of implementation, the subject area, as well as the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Reedy Creek Swamp system, and the Florida Aquifer, would receive hydrologic and vegetative enhancement. Additionally, vegetation community structure would be further enhanced and preserved through the implementation of a routine invasive exotic/nuisance vegetation control program.


Audubon of Florida is pleased to count Mitigation Marketing as one of our partners in conservation in Florida. We have found Mitigation Marketing to be a true innovator in the mitigation industry. Dennis Benbow and his staff are pioneering important efforts in both the Wetlands and Conservation banking fields. Mitigation Marketing is demonstrating that carefully thought out Wetlands and Conservation mitigation banks can be an important factor in the effort to conserve and restore many thousands of acres of what is best in Florida’s wildlife habitats and natural resources.

Charles Lee
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