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Wekiva River Drainage Basin

Permitted by FDEP & USACOE

State: UMAM, Federal: UMAM

Forested and Herbaceous Credits Available

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Wekiva River Mitigation Bank is located in the southeastern portion of Lake County, Florida. The bank site is approximately 1,643 acres and is regionally significant as demonstrated by its ranking in the highest priority group on the Florida Forever acquisition list of sites. The Wekiva River Mitigation Bank site serves as a regionally significant headwater and tributary flow link to the Rock Springs Run flow way, which is a critical western tributary of the Wekiva River. In addition, the Wekiva River Mitigation Bank is bordered on three sides by existing conservation lands.

This project site was selected for its critical habitat composition and as an important ecological link (corridor) in the northern Rock Springs Run ecosystem. Significant habitat within the project site is suitable for and contains Florida Black Bear populations. This property is an important link in a wildlife corridor to increase the sustainability of the Florida Black Bear populations.


The primary focus of the Wekiva River Mitigation Bank will be the enhancement and restoration of the historic habitat community structure throughout the 1,643 acres. The restoration activities will be primarily hydrological restoration. The property, has been used extensively for silviculture and other agricultural operations. All of these operations will cease. Construction will include the removal of a 1.5 mile roadway that runs through the central and southern portions of the site in order to restore the historic hydroperiod. Areas of the property where tributary strands exist, a series of low water crossings and culverts will be installed. These structures will re-establish historic sheetflow distribution and equilibriate water levels.

In the Northern portion of the property, within existing improved pasture areas, sandhill flatwoods and hydric flatwoods will be restored. In addition, any necessary removal of nuisance or exotic plants throughout the property will be performed.

Implementation of the Wekiva River Mitigation Bank has been proposed to occur in four (4) phases; each phase will be similar in size, and will be released in a south-to-north direction. By providing phasing in this manner, the WRMB can achieve proposed ecological goals, while not adversely impacting future phasing success.


Audubon of Florida is pleased to count Mitigation Marketing as one of our partners in conservation in Florida. We have found Mitigation Marketing to be a true innovator in the mitigation industry. Dennis Benbow and his staff are pioneering important efforts in both the Wetlands and Conservation banking fields. Mitigation Marketing is demonstrating that carefully thought out Wetlands and Conservation mitigation banks can be an important factor in the effort to conserve and restore many thousands of acres of what is best in Florida’s wildlife habitats and natural resources.

Charles Lee
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