Founded in 1998, Mitigation Marketing was the first company of its kind in Florida, and today the company remains the largest firm specializing in marketing support for mitigation banks.

Known throughout the nation as a leader in the mitigation banking industry, Mitigation Marketing has developed a systematic approach to the marketing and sales of mitigation credits and focuses on service at every level. Using this approach, Mitigation Marketing has created the largest inventory of mitigation credits in the state of Florida.

Mitigation Marketing provides a full-service approach to providing marketing and management services to mitigation bankers, permitees, developers and consultants.

As one of the very few pioneers of mitigation banking, MM is known for the successful development and marketing of wetland and habitat mitigation. We currently represent ten mitigation banks, four permit-pending mitigation banks, a conservation area for sand skink and scrub jay and multiple offsite mitigation options throughout Florida, which consist of over 30,000 acres of protected and restored land.

MM has sold and transferred over 6,000 mitigation credits from mitigation banks with a total value over $140 million dollars and has an inventory of credits to sell for 2011-2018 of $378 million dollars. The company serves as a full-service mitigation provider that excels at the client service level.  Our mitigation team goes above and beyond the standard of excellence with client relationships as we provide an unmatched customer service, administrative skills and highly regarded personnel.